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Welcome to Cannabis Law

Who are our Clients?

Cannabis entrepreneurs are extraordinary people. They are driven with a passion and a fire that most people do not understand and cannot relate to. They have a passion for justice, they have a passion to grow their businesses fast and strong, and they have a passion to set the record straight after 95 years of an unnecessary and harmful prohibition of a very useful flower on this planet.

Cannabis companies need a lawyer who understands the cannabis industry from the inside out, from the good old illegal days to the present.

Cannabis companies also need special attention and protection under the new law, the Cannabis Act.

Who are we?

Cannabis Law was founded by Russell Bennett, who began his legal career in 1997 by opening the eyes of Canadians to the irrationality of the cannabis prohibition, and has been an active producer of pro-cannabis content ever since, now representing clients across all sectors of the cannabis industry, from black market visionaries to grey market entrepreneurs to green market licensed individuals and companies.

What do we do?

Cannabis Law gives cannabis businesses the tools to plan and protect themselves regarding licensing, employees, intellectual property, land use planning, taxes, director liability and partner/shareholder issues.

Cannabis Law acts for medical marijuana dispensaries in both criminal and municipal by-law courts, pursuing constitutional challenges against the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Cannabis Law is your one-stop legal shop to a full range of services from criminal law and regulatory/by-law defence to corporate and workplace transactions to protection of intellectual property.

Special services include:

  • Legal Diagnostics - similar to a medical check up with your family doctor, find out what ailments in your business you need to heal and what problems you can prevent
  • Employment Law review - do you have the best and most up-to-date contracts for your employees? What about independent contractors? A procedural manual?
  • Moving from the black and grey market to the new licensed regulatory industry? Cannabis Law can help you navigate the path to the green market.

Cannabis Law works with other professionals - lawyers, accountants, IT, business development - to keep your cannabis business growing.

Russell’s Background in Producing Cannabis Content

In 1997, Russell produced and directed his first documentary STONED: Hemp Nation on Trial, which premiered on CBC Newsworld, receiving the highest ratings in 1998, and was nominated for Best Political Documentary at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

In 2004, Russell co-wrote and performed his multi-character solo play The Reefer Man across Canada’s Fringe Festival circuit to sold out houses and rave reviews. For the next decade, Russell created short films, other plays and worked in every job in the film industry from background actor to producer.

In 2014, Russell practised bankruptcy and insolvency law with Bennett & Company, and then fraud recovery law with Investigation Counsel PC.

Listen to Russell and Ashley Mathieu, host of the Candid Savage podcast talk candidly about the changes to cannabis law and the new federal Cannabis Act and what it will mean for you and your business: