Helping and protecting cannabis businesses throughout Ontario, Canada

Licensing Services


Cultivation standard and micro licences

Processing standard and micro licences


Medical Sale

Analytical Testing


Industrial Hemp Licence


Retail Operator Licence

Retail Store Authorization

Retail Manager Licence

Mediation and Litigation Services

  • Mediation - Finding a solution to the conflict without going to court.

  • Civil Litigation - launching a claim or defending a claim at Superior Court of Ontario, Provincial Court of Ontario, Small Claims Court of Ontario, Court of Appeal of Ontario.

  • Defending charges under Ontario's Cannabis Control Act or Cannabis Licence Act.

  • Defending charges under the federal Cannabis Act

Business/Corporate Law Services

Corporate Matters

Incorporation provincially and federally, government forms and Minute Book documents


Agreements, severance, non-disclosure agreements

Intellectual Property

Copyright, trademarks, plant breeder’s rights

Land Use Planning

Municipal zoning

Director Liability and Protection

Including asset protection

Tax issues and tax planning

Partner Issues

Including formation and dispute resolution

Shareholder Issues

Including formation and dispute resolution

Insolvency Issues

Including creditor proposals, bankruptcy and CCAA matters

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