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Cannabis Law

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Cannabis Law

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Canada’s Cannabis Act: Annotation & Commentary

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Cannabis Law offers criminal, regulatory/quasi-criminal and civil litigation services to help cannabis businesses and individuals protect and defend themselves.

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Cannabis Law offers business law services to help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the legal framework that will protect and help them thrive.

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Cannabis Law offers licensing services to help businesses cultivate, process, distribute and sell cannabis and cannabis products.

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“Russell is an extremely passionate lawyer when it comes to Cannabis rights. He helped us so much when we were having issues with our landlord and municipality. He is very generous and down to earth. You feel that he really cares about you and the struggles you are going through. When it seemed like no one else was on our side, he was and we are so grateful. He was enormously helpful. Thank you so much!”

Heather Barnwell

Russell is an amazing resource for cannabis law. His knowledge is extensive and only unmatched by the loyalty and care he had for my case. I was put to ease knowing that Russell was on my side. He went over and above his duties and always had my best interests at heart. I would recommend his services.

Michelle Rabin

“You really want Russell on your side to fight for you, he’s literally your own advocate personified and someone who will represent you in the true meaning of the word – he’s a straight up phenomenal lawyer.”

James G. O’Hara

“Russell Bennett is a talented, experienced and dedicated lawyer working in the cannabis sector. His creative application over the years is noteworthy; including the documentary STONED: Hemp Nation on Trial 1998 and publication of Canada’s Cannabis Act: Annotation & Commentary 2019. We consult regularly on industry related projects and truly appreciate the legal work he has done for our company CannaSystems Canada Inc.”

Bruce Ryan CEO,

“Russell is an excellent listener. He worked with me to understand my problems and to find a solution, with courtesy, respect and wisdom. I recommend him highly to anyone who needs a cannabis lawyer.”

SH, a personal medical cannabis grower and patient

Cannabis Law in Canada – the Podcast, with your host, Russell Bennett

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